Contrasting weather: Double-digit temperatures on the way to Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Weather forecasts are becoming as unpredictable as our expectations for spring weather.

It’s only been a day since we reported that Sunday would be characterized by snow. But now it seems that it (again?) changes.

Already this week, temperatures in Aalborg will rise – reaching up to 12 degrees next Friday.

That’s what the Danish Meteorological Institute’s forecasts say today.

Cold wind subsides

The past couple of days have been dominated by a cold easterly wind, making it feel even colder than it actually has been.

However, it looks like it’s subsiding now, gradually shifting to the southwestern corner.

This will raise the temperature, and from midweek, double-digit temperatures are expected in several places.

But even though the temperature is rising, stable and sunny weather is not expected, as several precipitation areas are expected to pass over the country from the west during the week.

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