Cozy Monday: Get brunch for 99kr

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Monday. Ugh.

The first day of the week is tough for most of us, so what can we do to make it more bearable? And maybe even a little bit special?

We have finally found the solution.

Free choice from the menu for a special price

Aktuel opened their doors when the new Budolfi Plads was finished, and since then, Lars Helmuth & co. have created a real attraction for hungry North Jutlanders – morning, midday and evening.

The cafe has already had great success with the concept Burger Sunday, where all burgers with fries and dip cost 99kr, and now they’re following suit with another unique and somewhat growing concept: Cozy Monday.

Glorious in its simplicity, this concept allows you to freely select 3 dishes from the menu for a special price all day Monday – regardless of when during the day you choose to visit.

Overlev mandagen: Her får du brunch for 99 kr.

If you arrive between 9.30-12.00, you can choose 3 dishes from their popular brunch menu for just 99 kr. (normal price: 129 kr.). That includes everything from Toasted sourdough bread with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, smoked salmon, tomato and green mayo to a Pancake with AKTUELs homemade Nutella crunch and fresh berries or Fried Chicken with chilli mayo.

If you are starving, you can also add extra dishes for 40 kr. per plate.

Overlev mandagen: Her får du brunch for 99 kr.

Lunch or dinner at sharp Monday prices

From 12.00 – 21.00, the lunch and dinner menu takes over, and here you can also freely select 3 dishes for just 119kr. (normal price: 169kr.).

The menu is overflowing with delicious dishes for you to try, with everything from Tacos with marinated pork jaw, cabbage, hummus and spring onions to Stir-fried Tatar with marinated cabbage, green mayo, pickled red onion, Jerusalem artichoke chips and watercress with raw egg yolk or Risotto with fried mushrooms, parmesan and sourdough bread.

You can check out the full menu for yourself right here

What: Cozy Monday (3 dish special)
Where: Aktuel, Budolfi Plads
When: EVERY Monday from 09.30 – 22.00 (Note: the kitchen closes at 21.00)

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