Early Christmas present: Experience Utzon Center for half price all through December

by Megan McPhee Christensen
Utzon Center with green light. Photo: © Lars Horn / Baghuset. Date: 26.11.20
Utzon Center with green light. Photo: © Lars Horn / Baghuset. Date: 26.11.20

It may very well be the case that you’ve already been on a Christmas shopping spree on Black Friday.

Cultural activities might be overlooked as presents instead of material things but the Utzon Center at Aalborg’s harborfront is trying to rectify that.

“More than ever, we have a need for culture and getting some cultural vitamins.

We need to come out with our closest friends and family in our bubble and do so in a safe and secure environment. We need experiences that concern our world and that move us.

And which are, not least, also sustainable,” Lasse Andersson, director of the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art and Utzon Center, says.

That’s why the Utzon Center is giving us an early Christmas gift, and they’re extending the great offer out over the whole month of December so there is space for everyone. No hustle and bustle., Utzon Center

Christmas gift to Aalborg, North Jutland, and Denmark

Throughout December, the Utzon Center will cut off half the price of admission. That means that adults can come in for 40 kr and children for just 20 kr.

“It is also our Christmas present to Aalborg, North Jutland, and the rest of Denmark.

You get a safe break with meaning and relevance so December does not end like all the other years where we didn’t get wiser anyway and ended up rushing around the shops to buy Christmas presents,” Lasse Andersson explains.

This means that, among other things, you can come into the Christmas workshop and make your very own turmoil. Right now, the big exhibition “Bo Bedre – med Vandkunsten” (Live Better – with water art) is running, and it has received fantastic reviews.

You can also play with LEGO and build in Minecraft so there really is something for all ages.

Restaurant JØRN has a great lunch and delicious coffee and cake on offer, which you can enjoy after your visit.

Green light on the Utzon Center.
Date: 25.11.20
Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Cultural sector hard hit

Like virtually every other part of the cultural sector, 2020 has also been a challenging year for the Utzon Center.

“But we have simply received so much support and backing from our guests. That is why we also want to give something back, and that is why everyone can enter for half price,” Lasse Andersson says.

There is also one more piece of news. For the whole month of December, the Utzon Center will be lit up in a beautiful green color.

The explanation for this choice was that “Green is, well, a color that holds optimism and a freshness like no other. For us in the West, it is a symbol of rebirth and hope and that is probably something we may need in 2021”.

Ticket prices:

Adults 40 kr

Children 4-17 years 20 kr

Children under 4 years free

You can buy a ticket at the entrance or online.

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