Exceptional entertainment: Nordkraft Theater opens tickets sales for a wild season

by Shellie Boudreau

With all the online entertainment we’re bombarded with on a daily basis, it seems almost old-fashioned to attend a physical play at a theater. 

Yes, even dull, you might add. 

Theater Nordkraft is challenging these notions and experimenting with fresh ideas to make theater vogue againAalborg’s own small city theater is going all-in to capture the attention and bring the limelight back in a most intimate, wild, and thought-provoking manner.

The upcoming season of 2022/2023 emphasizes visuals, music, and current affairs. The season is packed full of entertainment that will move you emotionally like a rollercoaster ride – as Minna Johanneson, the director of Theater Nordkraft, says:

“We want to create a theater experience that resembles a roller coaster ride where your body is flooded with fear, laughter, awe, ecstasy, and everything in between. During the performance, you will be living in the moment, and when you go home, you can reflect and relive the event.” 

If you’re willing to step onto the roller coaster, you’re now able to purchase tickets for the theater’s new season via their homepage.

Theater director at Theater Nordkraft, Minna Johannesson.

Theater, concert, and much more

Joyous, wildly entertaining, and gripping…

There’s many words you can use about this coming season and if we had to highlight one of the many exciting plays it has to be Woyzeck.

The work dates back to 1836, and before you start yawning, keep your mind open. In the theater’s hands, Georg Büchner’s world-renowned composition is seen through a modern lens transporting the storyline to 2022 in Aalborg. Yes, Aalborg. 

Read the description of the show and see if it doesn’t somehow resonate with you:

Woyzeck loves his girlfriend Marie more than anything and would do anything for her. But in one extraordinary and wild moment at a carnival, Woyzeck’s life gets turned upside down and between shots, decorations, and costumes, he experiences how love can drive you insane. 

The show is about youth, love, carnival, and Aalborg – all things we can relate to at one time or another, regardless of age. 

Theater Nordkraft does not target a specific age group but instead focuses on issues that people of Aalborg can relate to and discuss. Therefore they are prioritizing these types of shows.  

The modern rendition of Georg Büchner’s play also ran at the theater the previous season and will now be showcased for the last time. This means it would be a pity if you didn’t check it out – especially if you are a carnival enthusiast.

“Woyzeck was staged during corona, so there were many who did not get a chance to experience the show. Due to the popularity and demand, we decided to put it on again one last time,” Minna explains.

You can watch the show from August 27 to September 26, 2022. The tickets are only 90 kroner for persons under 25 years, which is cheaper and, no doubt, more fulfilling than what you can see at the cinema. 

At Woyzeck you both get theater and a concert all-in-one in which you are completely immersed, Minna emphasizes.

Aside from the three actors there are also two musicians on stage who sing fantastic renditions of the hits ”Call this love (Kald det kærlighed)” by Lars Lilholt, ”Where shall we sleep tonight? (Hvor skal vi sove i nat?)” by Labans, ”Hey Baby” by DJ Ötzis, Rockazinos ”All my love”, and Poul Krebs’ ”Somone like us (Sådan nogen som os)”.

Super cool everyday experience

To use the cinema one more time as a comparison, you can show up for a play at Theater Nordkraft just as spontaneously as you would take a trip to see the new Doctor Strange movie.

You may think you have to dress up and put on your more elegant clothes to attend, but it’s quite the opposite. You can come directly from work or school, and the only part you need to prepare for is to be entertained. 

“I would describe it as a super cool everyday experience since it demands little of you other than that you lean back, relax and enjoy the show,” Minna says with a big smile.

Tickets cost 205 kroner for adults and 100 kroner for people under 25 years. A season card for adults is only 900 kroner and 500 kroner for under 25 years.

See Theater Nordkrafts entire program, tickets, and season cards here.

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