Free ice cream incoming: ParadIS reveals opening date

by Ashton Christensen

It’s summer, it’s sunny, and it’s Sunday! 

Or no. It’s neither Summer nor Sunday – but soon enough we’ll start seeing more sun in the spring sky. 

This means that our beloved ParadIS can soon reopen in Aalborgs streets, and now the opening date is official. 

The two ParadIS stores on Algade and Reberbansgade are opening again on Saturday, March 6, with opening hours from 12:00 to 21:00 every day. 

Free ice cream

If anything can draw a crowd, it’s ParadIS’s opening. They usually give out two scoops of free ice cream, but for obvious reasons, they’re retiring the tradition this year. And yet!

Instead of giving out two free scoops on the opening date, ParadIS is launching a completely new app. With this new app, you will be able to get the free scoops – precisely when it fits in your schedule. 

“We aren’t opening with two free scoops of ice cream as usual due to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean you’re losing out on the superb offer.

We’re launching the Paradis app later in March. Download our app when it’s live, and you’ll get two free scoops of ice cream before the end of March. The free ice cream will apply for the whole of March,” ParadIS writes on their Facebook page.

And if you can’t wait for that, it’s already this Saturday where you’ll be able to buy ice cream boxes in both Algade and Reberbansgade.

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