Go on a moose car-safari: Join the guided tour in Lille Vildmose

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Unsplash (OBS: The photo is not from Lille Vildmose)
Photo: Unsplash (OBS: The photo is not from Lille Vildmose)

With all the travel restrictions imposed on us during the last year, the only safaris we’ve been able to go on have been in our dreams.

If you don’t mind downscaling your ambitions a bit and substituting Africa for Jutland then we have great news.

Approximately half an hour from Aalborg, there’s a truly magnificent natural reservoir called Lille Vildmose that since 2015 has housed the largest living species of deer.

We’re of course referring to the majestic moose that can weigh up to 500 kg!

At selected dates in April and May, you get the chance of touring the habitat of the moose.

Experience moose and white-tailed eagles

Join a guided tour in Lille Vildmose where you’ll join the search for the moose and the white-tailed eagles.

On the Portland-moor, you’ll experience the rocking floor of the marshlands and hear the guide talk about the unique plant and animal life.

Photo: Unsplash (OBS: The photo is not from Lille Vildmose)

The exciting safari is quite corona-safe as you’ll be seated in your own car during most of the trip where you’ll be listening to the guide over the car radio.

Children can participate in car-bingo by marking when they see the animals.

The Lille Vildmose center calls attention to the fact that you have to show a valid corona-passport in order to participate, and they also recommend that you wear practical clothing and footwear.

You’re allowed to bring your own binoculars.

Changes can occur as a result of covid-19.

You meet up at Vildmosevej 100, 9280 Storvorde, and the tour costs 30 kr per person.

Find more information about the tour here.

Find information about tickets here.

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