Gourmet ice cream: Pancake and ice cream bar opens in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The Danish summer has so far produced quite a flat feeling.

But speaking of flat, we do have some news that ought to lift your spirits.

We can reveal that Aalborg has become home to its very own pancake and ice cream bar.

Sofie Løvkvist and boyfriend Sameh Fernando already have great success with the eateries Din Vitamin Bar and Din Pita Bar in the west part of town, and now they’ve opened Din Pandekage & Isbar, which is located on Kastetvej 49.

“We think that Aalborg needs a place that goes all-in on making delicious pancakes.

Our concept is that everything is made from scratch and of course with the best ice cream that exists on the market – that is, Kastbergs,” Sameh says.

Design your own pancake

The shelves abound with chocolate and more toppings than you’ve ever dreamed of – and that is exactly what Sameh hopes that people will notice when they pass the place.

“You don’t have to settle for anything at our place. We have everything from KitKat and Nutella to gold dust and the finest Belgian chocolate from Callebaut,” Sameh says.

Although the toppings are enough to create attention in and of itself, we naturally have to discuss what’s underneath as well.

At Din Pandekage & Isbar, they make the pancakes from scratch, and Sameh has spent months developing the perfect recipe.

“We will offer thick, American pancakes and small mini-pancakes that are easy to eat on the go.

Both are made with a secret recipe, which I have spent a long time developing. We could have made it much easier for ourselves and used something pre-made but I refuse to do that.

It has to be thorough here, and it will be.”

This is how you make your dream pancake

When you order a pancake, you have to go through three hardcore steps before you can enjoy your finished pancake.

  • Step 1: Choose which pancake you’d like. Do you want an American or a mini?
  • Step 2: Choose a sauce. What do you feel like today? Whipped cream? White chocolate sauce? Or what about the brown gold, Nutella?
  • Step 3: Choose a topping. Kinder Maxi? Vanilla ice cream? Blueberries?

When all of this is over, you’ll be left with the perfect specimen of a pancake. Whip out your camera and hurry and post it on #insta!

The pancakes and ice cream can be enjoyed to-go in practical packaging or to-stay in the small café.

The best ice cream in Denmark – and coffee for just 10 kr

As if tons of toppings aren’t enough, you can also top the experience with some of Denmark’s best ice cream.

The selection may vary but there will always be a wide number of options from Kastbergs’ favorites, which Sameh has formed a good partnership with.

“Kastbergs carefully choose their partners, and we agreed that this would be a good match for both of us,” Sameh says.

Photo: Kastbergs

Right now the ice cream counter is filled with flavors like Kæmpe Eskimo, Espresso Honey, Mint Chocolate, Elderflower Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet, Pistacio, Strawberry, Rhubarb, Vanilla – and this year’s news: Banana Split!

You can naturally also choose to just enjoy the ice cream as it is without pancakes or choose to enjoy it in an irresistible ice-shake.

On top of this, Din Pandekage & Isbar will offer coffee for 10 kr.

Do you want to be one of the first to try the goodies then you can head down to Kastetvej 49 today. There is free Kastetberg ice cream and pancakes for the first 200 guests between 14:00-16:00.

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