It’s official: Paradis starts the new season with free ice cream

by Ashton Christensen

The ice cream parlor Paradis is welcoming spring by continuing the tradition of offering free ice cream at selected shops.

Therefore, on March 5 between 11:00 and 13:00, you can pass by your local ice cream shop and get two free scoops of freshly made ice cream.

“At Paradis, its going to be a party day! It should be a day where we all, together with friends, family, and acquaintances, get a delicious experience.

Together with our partners, we have worked during the winter to make this day special for everyone,” Director Tim Eklund says.

Paradis always makes their ice cream locally with carefully selected ingredients. In this way, we ensure a fresh and delicious experience that makes their ice cream unique and creamy.

Many exciting developments

2022 holds many exciting developments at Paradis from new flavors to renewed stores so they’re ready for a new season.

Through strong collaboration with all their partners, the Paradis DNA has prepared for the season to start. They intend to raise the bar and preach their unique story to the Danish people.

They seek to give their guests a local, fresh and unique experience in our shops. In addition, they’re constantly developing new exciting ice creams, which will include new exciting combinations and more vegan flavors.

So keep an eye out on social media to see when the ice cream lands on the counter.

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