Known for high-quality: TraPo hosts all-you-can-eat pizza nights

by Shellie Boudreau

What dish is a better crowd-pleaser than pizza?

Definitely all-you-can-eat pizza – and not just of any kind.

Authentic Italian pizza. 

For the next three weeks (weeks 12, 13 and 14), you can check out the Italian Carlo Liberati’s special pizzas from La Bottega and TraPo. An exclusive offer to taste some of the best pizzas in town.

Each week from Monday – Wednesday, Carlo & co. invites you to dine with them for Pizza Nights at TraPo where you can eat as much delicious pizza as you’d like.

You can’t beat the price. So you can order pizza from a wide-ranging menu for DKK 139 (+ DKK 10 ticket fee).

A pizza at TraPo usually costs DKK 145, so there is a bang for the buck.

You must select one of the following arrival times: 16.30, 16.45, 17.00, 17.15, 17.30 and 17.45 (You have the table for 75 minutes).

You can book your table here.

Evening Pizza Menu:

  • Margherita
    Tomato, mozzarella
  • Ortolana
    Tomato, mozzarella, cherry tomato, grilled vegetables
  • 4 Seasons
    Tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, artichoke, olives, air-cured ham
  • Arugula
    Tomato, mozzarella, air-cured ham, rocket, and Parmesan cheese flakes
  • Ventricina
    Tomato, mozzarella, potato, ventricina (starfish salami)
  • Porchetta
    Mozzarella, homemade porchetta, grilled peppers, smoked cheese, ricotta cheese with spices
  • Sausage
    Mozzarella, fried kaiser hat, heavenly salsiccia, smoked cheese
  • Mortadella
    Mozzarella, mortadella, pistachio, fresh buffalo mozzarella
  • Cheesecakes
    Mozzarella, taleggio, gorgonzola, smoked cheese, parmesan cheese
  • Terms:
    Your voucher is ONLY valid on the date and time of the selected purchase
    You have your table for 75 minutes
    You will be charged full price for a pizza that is not gobbled up

A special recipe

At La Bottega and TraPo, their hearts beat to the sound of happy customers and have done so since 2017 when Carlo Liberati started the proud Italian tradition – pizza baking.

Before selling a single pizza, Carlo Liberati focused seven months on perfecting their recipes.

Because when one of Aalborg’s best and most iconic Italian restaurant owners introduced pizza to the menu, it had to be done properly. Since then, Carlos’ award-winning Neapolitan pizza has continued to win over pizza enthusiasts.

After researching the fundamentals, countless trials and tests, study trips to Italy and years of passion devoted to acquiring bread and baking techniques, Carlos’ pizzas possess the quality that a Roman chef could be proud of and what Aalborg cannot live without.

La Bottega’s pizza dough is made without yeast and achieves the perfect Italian-style crust and characteristic bubble formations using sourdough Biga.

To create the pizza dough, the flour mixture uses Tipo 00 flour, which is developed especially for pizza and includes wholemeal flour.

The dough rises in a cooled space for 72 hours before meeting some of the best ingredients and baking in La Bottega’s stone oven or TraPo’s special electric pizza oven.

So many important steps before you can take a bite of Carlos’s Neapolitan pizza in the restaurant or at home.

You can book your table here.

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