Last chance: Buy a box of open-faced sandwiches for a special price

by Shellie Boudreau
Photo: Okan Gültekin
Photo: Okan Gültekin

When the fall season arrives so do cozy times and a need for delicious comfort food.

When we say delicious, we are talking about the traditional open-faced rye bread sandwiches, otherwise known as smørrebrød. These open-faced wonders are perfect for filling hunger on a brisk fall day.

Aktuel on Budolfi Plads continues to receive praise as one of the city’s best for their open-faced sandwiches.

Somehow, Aktuel manages to combine classic Danish smørrebrød with the right amount of modern tastes and garnishes.

Together with Aktuel, MyAlborg is offering the Week’s Treat, which ends tomorrow, October 9. You can book the offer here. 

Photo: Okan Gültekin

You save 40 kr on each box

Get your exclusive offer of a smørrebrøds-box as takeaway from Aktuel for two people for just 160 kr.

You save 40 kr from the regular price of this delicious takeaway as lunch or dinner.

Of course, here at MyAalborg, we sampled the boxes, and there is no doubt that three open-faced wonders will satisfy you.

All toppings, from potato to chicken salad and egg, are high quality and made fresh daily on the ground floor of Aktuel’s bakery.

The offer runs until Friday, October 9. There are a limited number of boxes on sale every day.

How to do it

Buy a ticket using the link here and pick it up at Aktuel on your chosen date and time.

You can choose between two boxes.

One box offers six different selections so that you can try a little of everything.

Or you can choose a box with three different selections, so there are two of each.

6 different selections include:

1 x Shrimp (Hand-peeled shrimp, lemon mayo, assorted tomato, dill, and freshly ground pepper)
1 x Tartare (Stirred tartare beef tenderloin, tarragon mayo, pickled red onion, Jeruselum artichoke chips, and capers)
1 x Avocado (Ripe avocado, bacon mayo, salted red onion, garden cress, and bacon crumble)
1 x Cold-smoked Salmon (Stirred cold-smoked salmon, raw pickled cucumber, with dill and crispy chips)
1 x Chicken Salad (Homemade chicken salad, crispy serrano, assorted colored tomato, and garden cress)
1 x Bacon Meatballs (Bacon meatballs, homemade red cabbage with horseradish and soya, topped with chives)

3 different selections include:

2 x Egg (Organic eggs, Jeruselum artichoke chips, radish crudité, green mayo, garden cress, and chives)
2 x Chicken Salad (Homemade chicken salad, crispy serrano, assorted colored tomato, and garden cress)
2 x Potato (New potatoes, chives mayo, homemade fried onion, red onion, and bacon crumble)

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