Let’s Play App: A new way to meet, mingle and play games and sport

by Shellie Boudreau

The weather is suddenly beautiful, and like many, you feel a growing urge to go outside and enjoy the day by shooting some hoops or kicking the ball around.

Sure, playing alone is possible, but sports can be better together.

If you are new to Aalborg or any city, these thoughts may be too familiar; your local gang of friends is miles away.  Or maybe you just want to get out and mingle without much planning or commitment like many sporting clubs require. 

What to do and where to go?

Imagine a way where you could meet like-minded, fun-loving, and get-to-know-you people who want a little exercise and fun.

A local student from Aalborg University, Kenneth Sadolin Pedersen, is putting a new spin on matchmaking for sports and games by creating an app called Let’s Play.

Search, join, and play

Let’s Play is designed to help you find and coordinate with others interested in picking up and playing sports and games, such as volleyball and chess, at various locations. 

You can also create an event by proposing a time and place. Moreover, you can select the expected skill level, such as beginner, average, good, professional, or everyone, and the number of players.  

There is a chat function too, so you can work out event details, like who will bring the music.

Let’s Play is great for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that you can search for sports of your choice in areas close to you, or vice versa.  Another reason is that you can meet new people with similar interests or simply use the App to coordinate pick-up game times and locations. 

If you want to try it out, you can download Let’s Play, available in iOs and Android here.

The Let’s Play app inserts a little impromptu into your leisure life, and you can meet new people too. The app works in other cities too but originated here in Aalborg. 

Over 500 people have already joined.

Award-winning health innovation

There are other reasons to check out this app, as recognized by Aalborg University’s Health Innovation contest 2022, which awarded Kenneth Sadolin Pedersen for the innovation and initiative. 

Post-pandemic conditions in today’s fast-paced world can lead to isolation and nervousness about meeting new people. 

The app supports making new connections in an old-fashioned way – by going out and meeting at the playground – well, in this case, to sporting grounds and other popular locations. 

You meet up with others based on a primary goal and purpose – to play and have fun. In some way, Let’s Play brings back the nostalgia of knocking on the door of neighborhood friends but in a less awkward 2022 style.

“Our users meet all over Aalborg. Popular locations include Jomfru Ane Parken, Vestre Fjordpark, and Østre Anlæg,” Kenneth Sadolin Pedersen, the founder, says.

“People can meet up for all sorts of sports, such as volleyball, football, paddle tennis, and even board games,” he further adds.

What is most remarkable about the app is that, unlike other online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Let’s Play allows you to join in on what is happening near you. Just like searching for nearby restaurants in Google Maps.  

Big ambitions moving forward

Let’s Play has big ambitions to create a more social sporting culture.

Kenneth Sadolin Pedersen is seeking others to join the team and develop the application further. So if there are other like-minded sporty persons out there seeking to become entrepreneurs, this could be for you.

If you want to learn more, you can check out the website or contact Kenneth Sadolin Pedersen via the contact page.

So now, when the weather suddenly turns beautiful, or you have been longing to play your favorite game, you know where to go to get started and join.

Download Let’s Play here

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