Mette Frederiksen at press conference: The restrictions are extended to January 17

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Yesterday, it was once again time for a press conference concerning the corona situation.

As several media outlets had learned before the press conference took place, the central theme was an extension of the restrictions that have gradually been rolled out in December.

The restrictions were supposed to expire on January 3 but have now been extended to January 17.

That means that shopping centers, retail and liberal businesses such as hairdressers, masseuses, etc. have to keep their doors closed a while longer.

Restaurants and cafés only offer takeaway while grocery stores and pharmacies remain open.

Students from 0-9th grade have to stay home. This also goes for students at high schools and universities. Cultural institutions and sports clubs are also closed – so far until January 17.

Daycare is still open.

Status about New Year’s celebrations

The Prime Minister also had a special message for everyone regarding New Year’s:

“Due to the situation that we’re currently in, it wouldn’t be fair if New Year’s celebrations cause even more widespread infection.”

Therefore, she encourages people to cancel their plans.

“Only spend time with people from your home – and maybe a few others.”


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