Mette Frederiksen: Possibility of a bigger reopening before Easter

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Infection rates are relatively low in Denmark. Hence, there is growing pressure to ease restrictions and reopen more parts of society.

An additional reopening was going to take place somewhere around the beginning of April, but now it looks like we may be able to expect an even earlier easing of restrictions.

At least, that’s what Mette Frederiksen suggested in parliament earlier in the week:

“That, which is important to say, is that if we didn’t have restrictions in the second wave, then I don’t think we would have the low number of infections we have had.

There are still more and more Danes being vaccinated and many are going to get tested several times per week. Again today we have had a very high number of tests performed.

All of this means that we have things under control and can therefore begin to open up more than other countries.”

Hence, it may be such that we can move forward when we open more”, said Mette Frederiksen, though without being particularly concrete.

Reopening of schools earlier than planned?

It is especially the topic of an additional reopening of schools that may come into play.

But there is still disagreement about precisely when that will be.

Many school students are already back, while others must wait until Easter unless the parties come to an agreement that it can happen earlier.

On March 23 there should be a long-term plan for how the reopening will proceed ahead of summer.

On the 23rd of March, there should be a long-term plan for the stages of reopening leading up to summer.

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