Much more Street Art in Aalborg: Famous artist paints new large mural

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: KIRK Gallery
Photo: KIRK Gallery

Last week, we revealed that another unique piece of street art is underway in Aalborg.

The world-renowned Chilean artist INTI has been working intensely on a completely new work of art on the facade of Nørregade 31, and now all passersby can enjoy the final result.

The art piece is titled ‘TAIÑ MAPU / Our Land’ and the Chilean artist explains its conception: 

“When I started on this artwork in Denmark (a country known for its widespread environmental policies), the Mapucha People in Chile continued in their historic struggle to save their country. Thus, the painting in Aalborg is an expression of the common struggle waged by the two countries.

Although there seems to be immediate differences, both countries maintain a respectful relationship with the land we live on and the land that makes up a part of us.

Today, more than ever, the artwork emphasizes the importance of learning from those who live in balance with our ecosystem.”

Photo: KIRK Gallery

An international artist has made his mark

The name INTI (Inti Castro born 1982) means ‘sun’ in the Indian language, Quechua and on his arrival in Aalborg, the sun actually began to shine.

The name INTI also draws reference to the artist’s Chilean roots. 

Photo: KIRK Gallery

His large-scale street art can be seen around the globe and is characterized by strong colours, like those of a Latin-American carnival, mixed with the subtle energy from the traditional South American cultures. This is expressed in a controlled and technically-striking style. 

It has long been a dream to get the artist to visit Aalborg, and this is the first time he has painted a piece in Denmark. 

“We are really proud that such a big name in the street art scene has come here to Aalborg to create the next big artwork”, Lene Kirk from KIRK Gallery stated about the collaboration. 

You can get an overview of all Aalborg’s street art here.

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