National media declares: Here’s where you get the best croissant

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Crisp dough that flakes at the slightest touch.

Abundant butter spread evenly between each layer.

And plenty of air, providing just the right softness and making it easy to tear apart.

“Croissant”… Just the thought makes the mouth water. When it’s at its best, there’s hardly any pastry better.

Best in test

That’s what one of the country’s largest media outlets, Politiken, knows as they’ve once again conducted a comprehensive croissant test.

The fortunate panel sampled croissants from across the spectrum: Føtex, Bageriet Brød, Albatross and Venner, Emmerys, Skt. Peders Bageri – and Lagkagehuset.

For residents of Aalborg, this test might not seem immediately relevant, given that most of the bakeries in the test are in Copenhagen.

However – due to the test’s winner, we’ve chosen to share it anyway.

Because… Yesterday, Lagkagehuset announced that they scored 6/6 in Politiken’s croissant test, thus earning the title of test winners – a prize they say they are especially proud to receive.

So naturally, we had to taste it again… even though we must admit, it’s far from the first time we sink our teeth into it.

Looks truly artisanal

At Politiken, Lagkagehuset’s classic French pastry scored top marks because, according to them, it’s exactly how a croissant should be.

But what does that mean?

“There’s a lot of air in it, and you can tear it apart in the right way. Smells super fresh. It really looks like craftsmanship,” Runa Pihlmann writes in Politiken.

And that description only intensified our craving for it, because that’s exactly how a croissant should be – not too fancy, just genuine good pastry.

Perfectly baked In our assessment, the croissant has an incredibly good crunch. It flakes just like a good croissant should, making it not very easy to handle before it’s spread out all over the table. But in return, it tastes just the way we like it.

The dough is crispy without being hard. It has a perfect bake and is lightly burnt on top.

It’s at least as airy as Politiken describes it. And of course, we also tried tearing it apart, and it passed that test with flying colors.

When you buy a croissant from Lagkagehuset, you get a substantial treat for 22.95 kroner. You can also get three for 55 kroner. And, well, we could definitely devour three if absolutely necessary.

Therefore, we recommend that you find your nearest Lagkagehuset as soon as possible and sink your teeth into their award-winning croissant.

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