New Wednesday temptation in Aalborg: All-you-can-eat roast pork for 145 kr

by Ashton Christensen

If there is a dish Danes love, it’s roast pork with parsley sauce (stegt flæsk med persillesovs). 

And what could be better than indulging in grilled pork with a fatty sauce and freshly harvested potatoes? Not much when you consider the possibility of eating as much as you’d like.

Søgaards Bryghus recently introduced all-you-can-eat pork every Wednesday from 17:00. You’ll be able to munch on two versions of pork (fried or breaded), home-pickled beets, potatoes, and parsley sauce – for just 145 kr. 

And yes, that’s 145 kr for everything you can manage to get down.

“Here at Søgaards Bryghus, we want to become a place where you can satisfy both hunger and thirst,” Lasse Baun, owner of the brewery at C.W. Obels Plads, says.

Good ingredients for a reasonable price

Of course, MyAalborg visited the restaurant, and we have to say that both pork and garnish tasted exactly as it should.

So one should not fear that the quality deteriorates simply because it says “all-you-can-eat.”

The offer is available starting at 17:00, and if you want to be sure to your sink your teeth into the bacon, we highly recommend booking a table in advance.

What : All-you-can-eat roast pork
Where : Søgaards Bryghus
When : Every Wednesday

Reserve your table here.

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