Opening all over the country: Pizza Hytten ready for second opening in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

Although the restaurant industry is badly hit, some places are benefiting from the skyrocketing takeaway. One restaurant that is overcoming the odds is the famous “Pizza Hytten”.

Out of the whole country, Pizza Hytten is without a doubt the quickest growing pizza chain in Denmark with their Sicilian taste experiences and authentic southern atmosphere. 

Recently, they opened their first shop in Copenhagen, and now, they’re opening their second one here in Aalborg. 

Corona-restrictions made it difficult for the chain to open before Christmas as was originally planned. 

But now it’s finally happening. 

“We’re ready to open our doors in Reberbansgade very soon so locals can have our pizzas both there and on Boulevarden,” Angelo Zirafi, owner of Pizza Hytten says to MyAalborg.

Open in all of Denmark

In addition to the coming store in Copenhagen, Pizza Hytten will open seven restaurants in Aarhus, two in Aalborg, and additional restaurants in Randers, Kolding, and Horsens.

First, they took over Aarhus where they opened the doors to their first shop in Guldsmedgade at the start of 2019. Later, they moved to Aalborg and opened on Boulevarden in July 2020. 

Despite a problematic corona plagued year, Pizza Hytten managed to capture Aalborgs pizza-loving hearts quickly.

The concept 

A Sicilian family runs Pizza Hytten, and after 25 years with their pizza restaurant in southern Italy, they brought their authentic recipe to Denmark. Now we have a little bite of Sicily here. 

And this hit Denmark right in the tastebuds. Also, in Aalborg, the staff in the restaurants are working hard to keep up with the pizza-loving customers. 

In the first year of Pizza Hytten’s lifetime, they were honored with the award for “Best Pizza in Aarhus 2019″. And the pizza was rated the country’s best takeaway by Bo Bedre.

Lately, Pizza Hytten covered BT’s front page: “New pizza chain takes over Denmark.” And that’s exactly what Angelo Zirafi and the rest of the family are doing.

The dough rises for 72 hours

The surroundings are authentic, the story credible, and the atmosphere enjoyable. So it wouldn’t matter if the taste isn’t at it’s best. But it is.

“Some of our secrets are hidden in the dough that we let rise for up to 72 hours, a rich selection of Italian ingredients, and baking in a gas- and wood-burning stove.

Our concept and hidden secrets make customers come again and again. We already have many regulars – and we love it,” Angelo Zirafi says.

What: Pizza Hytten opening store number two in Aalborg

Where: Reberbansgade 13a, 9000 Aalborg

When: Very soon in January

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