Penthouse apartment breaks boundaries: Is this Aalborg’s wildest apartment?

by Megan McPhee Christensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

If you dream of literally living on top of the town with a direct view of the Aalborg skyline, then you have a completely unique opportunity right now.

One of the Aalborg area’s wildest apartments has just been put on the market.

It is also the most expensive home for sale right now in Aalborg Municipality.

Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

At Lindholm Brygge in Nørresundby, you will find the tallest residential property within the municipality, which is 66 meters high, made from three silos and called ‘Horisonten’.

The penthouse apartment is perched above it all, taking up the top floor on two of the silos. And it can now be yours for the tidy sum of 19,995,000 kroner.

360 degree view of Aalborg

For that price you get a 236 square meter apartment on the 21st floor with a 360-degree view, private elevator, four carports, rooftop terrace with orangery and hot tub, intelligent home management and exclusive quality solutions such as cast granite floors, corian benchtops, VOLA fittings, appliances from Miele, soundproofing in the fully cast floors and MUCH more.

Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

No compromises have been made anywhere in the apartment. That is obvious, not least because the sellers have invested more than 1 million kroner in the lighting system alone.

They have had a specialized lighting design company take care of it, giving the most incredible lighting on the façade and a wealth of gorgeous lamps.

There are natural stone floors inside, the style of which has been continued throughout the Orangery and on the bench tops.

In short – we don’t think there is a wilder apartment in the Aalborg area.

Why is it up for sale?

The current owners have lived there since Horisonten was completed in 2020. When they bought the apartment it was completely raw, allowing them to build it according to their wishes.

“It’s something very special to take the elevator all the way up to the apartment and then step out to that view.

You never get tired of that,” the sellers say.

Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

The couple wishes to remain anonymous due to the value of the apartment, but MyAalborg knows their identity.

There is an unobstructed view in all directions from the rooftop terrace, which takes up the entire top of one silo and is thus almost 400 square meters.

From here you can see Aalborg’s skyline, the surrounding forest, Egholm – in fact, some days you can actually see up to 50 kilometers away.

Although there is absolutely nothing missing from the facilities inside, it is this incredible 360-degree view, and the insane rooftop terrace with orangery and kitchen, that make this apartment so special.

Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

At the very edge of the terrace, you will also find a hot tub where you can sit and relax after a long day with a direct view out over beautiful Egholm.

In addition to the spectacular view, the seller also emphasizes the privacy that prevails on top.

“You live very privately up here, because no one lives next door or upstairs.

The floors are fully cast with soundproofing insulation, so it really is a very special silence you experience up here.”

Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

Why sell such a magnificent apartment then?

“We have been so happy to live here, but we have just come to the realization that we would like to come back down to earth again – and live somewhere with some water in the backyard,” the sellers say.

What about the wind?

The wind blows briskly over the waters of the Limfjord, so it would be sensible to be skeptical about the wind conditions so high up.

But there’s no need to worry.

Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

“The building is round so when the wind hits the building, you cannot feel the wind directly when you stand outside on the terrace, for example.

If you stand by the glass, it can seem quite still, but if you put your hand out you can clearly feel the wind,” the couple explains and elaborates:

“We can actually keep the patio door open all year round, and our SACKit furniture stays outside all year round with no problems. Nothing blows away.”

There are also four carports and a storage room for the apartment.

You can see more about the apartment where it is listed for sale here

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