Perfect brunch in a perfect spot: Voted the best brunch in Aalborg

by Veronika Popova

Veronika Popova is from Bulgaria and used to blog at MigogAalborg about her life as an international student. Today, she lives in Copenhagen and works for Wunderman MSC CPH.

This is her entry from when she tried the brunch at Musikkens Spisehus. In 2019, it was voted the best brunch in Aalborg and received the award at AALBORG AWARDS held in April 2019 in Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center.

For the first time ever I visited Musikkens Spisehus with Andreas for some brunch. There are so many things I loved about this place but I will share just few with you, so I don’t completely spoil all the magic.

First one is very obvious, but I can’t skip it. Musikkens Hus is a piece of architectural eye candy and so is the restaurant. For all the Ted Mosby’s out there, this would the Empire State Building of restaurants.

The interior design of the place really adds up to the atmosphere. It’s the perfect industrial chic and even though we had brunch in bright daylight, It still felt sophisticated. You can get a table near the window where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the harbour.

Brunch can’t start without coffee, and every spot in town that is serving Peter Larsen coffee gets a star in my book.

And now it’s time for the food. Without over exaggeration I can say that this brunch is everything a brunch freak hopes for.

Food came out pretty fast, no surprise there, the staff is really professional and very well educated when it comes to the menu.

The brunch had great variety and balance. My top favorite would be their salmon mousse, belgian waffles and croissants, homemade Nutella and seafood accents.

The plating was truly beautiful which of course added a lot to the experience.

Foto: Veronika Popova
Foto: Veronika Popova

Andreas and I got slightly different menus as I don’t eat meat, but it’s safe to say we both were very satisfied.

They have done a really outstanding job with this weekend menu and it’s now definitely one of my favorite brunch spots in town.

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