Perfect winter break snack: The churros truck is back

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Throughout the year, Nytorv has had visits from the fantastic churros truck, providing Spanish waffles to the people of Aalborg.

Although we love churros with all our hearts, there’s something extra special about them when the cold air sets in and you need something extra to warm up.

This time, the churros truck will be stationed at Nytorv from today until February 24th.

Something for every sweet tooth

Whether you prefer cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar on your churros, you can get it at Nytorv.

And of course, you can pair the warm churros with a good serving of soft serve ice cream.

And if you need to spike your blood sugar, you can jazz up your churros with nutella, strawberries, chocolate, or caramel.

If you’re not into churros, then you should seek professional help first… after that, you can choose between soft serve ice cream in a cup, waffle, or coffee, tea, and other hot drinks.

Opening hours are 11:00-17:00, except for Saturdays, when the Churros cart closes at 16:00.

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