Repeats giant success: Fårup Sommerland is offering cheap tickets

by Shellie Boudreau
Photo: Torben Hansen Blokhus Fårup Sommerland
Photo: Torben Hansen Blokhus Fårup Sommerland

This year, the amusement park Fårup Sommerland is offering 30,000 Green Fårup-tickets for a drastically reduced price.

The initiative has been hugely successful the past two years, and this year it’s a record-high number of these tickets that are available. 

The park offers fun for the whole family – and a giant surprise. Fårup Sommerland’s new rollercoaster, Fønix, is ready to open during the 2022-season.

The Fønix will be Denmarks’s biggest, largest, and fastest rollercoaster. Read more here.


On sale now

Fårup Sommerland has already placed a record number of tickets on sale for a crazy low price. 

30,000 Green tickets are available for adventurous visitors that wish to visit the amusement park. The park hopes for a repeat success in drawing locals back, especially those who haven’t been for a while so they can see how the amusement park has changed and grown.

“We were overwhelmed with how many Green tickets sold, especially to so many from North Jutland in 2020 and 2021. This gave us the chance to show how much has happened in the park over the past summers.

With the support from those from North Jutland, we decided to place a record-high number of Green tickets for sale,” Niels Jørgen Jensen, director of Fårup Sommerland, explains. He continues:

“These Green tickets can be bought by any guests, but we hope that those from North Jutland will back up our initiative.  We are delighted to give all our guests an amazing day and experience with us at Fårup Sommerland.”

The cheapest Green Fårup-tickets cost 50 kr per ticket, which means a savings of 165 kr. The tickets are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis and can be bought in advance on the Fårup Sommerlands homepage.

You can find ticket information here.

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