Several big artists revealed: Drew Sycamore performs at Skovrock 2023

by Ashton Christensen

Skovrock is a big annual summer festival for music-lovers in Aalborg.

Skråen has already announced that Gilli and Out of Control will perform on June 17th while DAD and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy headline on Saturday, the 24th. 

Now they’re ready with even more artists.

On August 11th, Jung and Drew Sycamore will take the stage for what is sure to be a festive experience.

Tickets are available at Salling (Aalborg), Skråens Billetcafé on Monday through Wednesday the 15th to 17th, or at

More top hits 

Over the past two years, Drew Sycamore has established herself as one of Danish music’s most prominent pop icons.

With solid hits like ’45 Fahrenheit Girl’, ‘Take It Back, ‘I Wanna Be Dancing,’ ‘Perfect Disaster,’ and ‘Let Me Love You, she’s made her way into the top league.

She has won several awards at the Danish Music Awards, and in 2021 Drew Sycamore won the P3 Prize.

Drew Sycamore has released the singles ‘Madonna’ and ‘Electric Motion,’ both of which have received massive airplay on Danish radio. ‘Electric Motion’ was #1 on the airplay list for six weeks over the summer of 2022.

More singles are on their way and during the spring of 2023, Drew will release her third album ‘Masculina.’ So when she hits the festivals next summer, it will be with even more new hits and an even bigger show.

Energetic performance

Skråen writes about Jung:

With their catchy tunes and well-written lyrics, Jung is known for energetic live performances that bring the audience together to party and sing along.

Jung has taken Denmark by storm in record time.

Since their debut in June 2019, they have released two critically acclaimed albums, and their hits include ‘Blitz, Baby,’ ‘Hun Kommer Tilbage’, ‘Jeg Skal Nok Vente’, ‘To Timer i træk’, ‘Forfra Forbundet’ and ‘Tur Retur’.

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