The creativity continues: Caféministeriet launches new dessert tapas

by Shellie Boudreau

Most of the city’s café doors are currently shut – but the creativity at Caféministeriet is flowing out the door.

The café has been on top of the takeaway game and offered a wide array of options such as a Valentines-menu, fastelavnsboller (shrovetide buns), cheese trays, assorted tapas, and desserts.

Once again, a novel addition has been added to the menu. The theme is pies, and there is more than one. Six, to be exact.

Check out the tapas dessert menu meant for two persons.  There are three types of pies, two of each, for just 120 kr:

  • Passion cream pie with white chocolate and blueberries
  • Raspberry cream pie with brownie crumble and raspberry crunch
  • Chocolate mousse pice with Daim crunch and blackberries

The tapas dessert box can be ordered and picked up every Friday and Saturday between 14:00 and 18:00.

Thinking outside the box

For years, Caféministeriet has been among one of Aalborg’s most visited cafés, and despite the fact that guests haven’t been able to visit for a while, owner Martin Klyvø remains in good spirits.

“Throughout the lockdowns, we have received a great deal of support and interest in our takeaway – from tapas to fastelavnsboller.  This is why we are launching new ideas, and two more initiatives are coming this weekend. We hope to receive the same amount of support as before,” Martin Klyvø explains to MyAalborg.

The two new additions to the menu will run simultaneously with the dessert-tapas and includes a cheese box with six different types of cheeses, chutney, salted almonds, olives, and homemade sourdough bread.

“There are many who need pampering and entertainment in these trying times, and delicious food can bring some joy and fulfill those needs.  Naturally, we are happy to serve up appetizing distractions to help pass the time,” he says while emphasizing that these offers are available on weekends only.

“Of course, we work with less staff as many are sent home. Thus, it only makes sense for us to open on the weekends for takeaway.”

Great success with takeaway

So far, the current restrictions run until February 28. Of course, we do not know if they will be extended (again).

Martin & co. are just grateful to keep their doors open and let their creativity continue to shine in these darker days.

“It feels good to keep the wheels spinning, and we can use the time to experiment and test ideas. Fortunately, our testing is tasting just right,” Martin Klyvø concludes .

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