The storm is raging: Train and bus departures affected by the weather

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

This morning, the people of Northern Jutland woke up to quite a visit from Storm Rolf.

Until yesterday, it didn’t seem like Aalborg would be hit so hard, but the morning hours have shown otherwise.

Several departures canceled

Already, Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (North Jutland Traffic Company) reports that there may be delays due to the severe weather, and several train departures have already been canceled.

At the time of writing, this applies to the train from Aalborg to Hjørring and Skagen.

Several bus departures are also expected to be delayed, while a few at the time of writing have also had to be canceled.

Nordjyllands Trafikselskab urges people to stay updated on the website.

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