The wildest fjord view: Huge sauna and hot tub area opens on the waterfront

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Archive photo. Arkivfoto. Photo: Mathilde Mågård Hansen
Archive photo. Arkivfoto. Photo: Mathilde Mågård Hansen

Saunas with panoramic views, hot tubs right by the water, cold water tubs, bar with bubbles, beer & water, pampering, and wellness…

No, you didn’t just read the description of a luxurious spa and wellness hotel.

Instead, these are the thoughts behind something completely new in Aalborg.

Soon, it will be possible to enjoy a hot tub and sauna with panoramic views over the fjord when Aalborg Heat becomes a reality at Østre Havn in the middle of Aalborg.

Behind Aalborg Heat are experienced businessmen Olav Jansen (JS Steel), Nicki Larsen (NeuroRehab), and Daniel Edlefsen (Rold Skov Adventure).

“A couple of years ago, we tried something similar in Copenhagen, and we agreed that we just had to bring it to Aalborg.

After some good discussions with A. Enggaard (who owns the site), and a lot of research, we are insanely happy that Aalborg Heat will soon become a reality,” Olav Jansen says to MyAalborg.

They are currently in full swing transforming the area into a luxury sauna and hot tub area. Photo: Aalborg Heat.

The wildest view and luxury

It’s on Pieren at Østre Havn right by Stjernepladsen and opposite Aalborg Cable Park that Aalborg Heat will offer a truly special experience in Aalborg.

The concept is as simple as it is luxurious.

There will be four luxurious hot tubs with 40-degree warm saltwater and four saunas with large glass panels so you can enjoy the wildest views.

Both hot tubs and saunas will be rented by the hour and can accommodate up to six people each.

While enjoying the warmth, the view, and (hopefully) the company, you can help yourself to cold rosé, delicious bubbles, soft drinks, or beer at the container bar.

“Two of the saunas have views towards Hals, and the other two will have views towards the Cable Car and the surrounding buildings. There’s actually a really cool view of a sort of mini skyline,” Olav explains.

If the heat becomes unbearable, you can cool off in the cold water tubs set up, or if the mood/weather permits, you can jump directly into the fjord.

Olav and co. have spent a long time finding the perfect hot tubs and saunas, so you get a luxurious experience in the raw surroundings.

“We have searched the entire market, and we haven’t compromised. For example, our hot tubs will have sand filters and UV lights that ensure the water is cleaned every 12 minutes,” Olav says.

It will also be possible to take a (cold) dip in the Limfjord if you feel like it. Photo: Aalborg Heat

The coolest area with palm trees and coziness

There will also be no compromise on the decoration at Pieren. In addition to hot tubs and beautiful saunas, the surroundings will also be something quite special.

“We’re building a terrace of old planks, there will be a bathroom and toilet down there, and we’re setting up the area with wooden furniture, cozy LED lights, and beautiful flower pots – and also a palm tree or two,” Olav adds.

Aalborg Heat is scheduled to open at Easter, and the time leading up to the opening will be spent creating the coolest hot tub and sauna area.

“When we were working in full sunshine on Saturday, there were really a lot of people passing by. Curiosity is great, and now we’re just excited to see how people will receive it.”

You can read more about Aalborg Heat here.

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