Unique dining experience: A new exotic restaurant opens in Aalborg

by Megan McPhee Christensen

When it comes to restaurants in Aalborg, many fall under the same categories.

For fast food, there’s the classics: pizza, sushi and burgers, and for fine dining we mostly have French, Asian, Spanish and, of course, traditional Danish cuisine.

For the adventurous foodies who like to explore culinary delicacies from other continents there are not so many options to choose from.

But we are glad to reveal that your prayers have been answered by the food gods!

Authentic and spicy

In Borgergade 25, an Eritrean and Ethiopian family restaurant called Restaurant Nati opened in December, and they offer full power on spices and culinary authenticity.

Behind the restaurant is the married couple Teame Solomon and Natsnet Samuel who both come from Eritrea, which shares its food culture with Ethiopia.

The food culture is known for its many vegetables, chicken, lamb, and beef that are all prepared fresh from scratch.

MyAalborg visited the restaurant and dived into this new world of flavor and it definitely did not disappoint. The restaurant is full of surprises on many fronts: price, meal size, quality, and the sheer love that is put into making the food.

First and foremost, there are no knives and forks so after washing and disinfecting our hands we tried out the full finger food experience.

The food is served on a bed of injera, which is an Eritrean flatbread that has a kind of pancake-like spongy consistency and can be used as a spoon to scoop up the delicious toppings.

We tried, among other things, number 12 on the menu, Derho, with tender chicken in a delicious and spicy sauce served with boiled egg and crispy fried vegetables.

There was no doubt about the freshness of the crisp and tasty vegetables, and the delightful mix of spices gave an overwhelmingly different taste experience.

One of the wildest surprises is that two enormous servings cost just 125 and 139 kroner, and each of them could easily fill two adult stomachs.

After we were stuffed full of delicious food we were offered a delicious home-roasted Eritrean coffee.

In Ethiopia and Eritrea, there is a tradition that the whole family gathers for coffee where everyone can meet and chat about how their day has gone.

It was a delicious cup of coffee that has a unique taste, and is accompanied by burning scents to make for a special aromatic experience.

Takeaway and party catering

We can highly recommend visiting Nati and experiencing a world of flavor that you don’t find many other places.

“There are no similar restaurants in North Jutland, so we think it could be lovely to share our food culture.

Aalborg is a big town where many from Eritrea and Ethiopia live so it made sense to open our first restaurant here,” Natsnet explains.

If you want to try something new when your birthday comes around, or if you’re looking for takeaway and are sick of the same old classics then both catering and takeaway is possible from the newly opened restaurant in the westside of town.

Read more about the Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant on Nati Restaurant’s Facebook page here.

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