Unique opportunity: Participate in an exciting tour of Aalborg Monastery

by Ashton Christensen

Summer is turning into late summer, and you now have another opportunity to experience the Middle Ages in the center of the oldest part of town.

Aalborg Monastery is one of the few monasteries in Denmark that is open to the public. The old buildings of the monastery complex are almost 600 years old, as the oldest buildings date back to 1431.
Aalborg Guide Association invites you on a guided tour in a genuine medieval monastery atmosphere on selected days.

The selected dates and times are as follows:
August 4th, Thursday at 17:00
August 9th, Tuesday at 17:00
August 11th, Thursday at 10:00
August 16th, Tuesday at 17:00
August 18th, Thursday at 14:00 and 17:00

“Samson med håret.” Limestone painting in Aalborg Monastery. Photo: Ole Jespersen

The tour takes you inside the ancient walls, built of prominent monks’ stones that seem almost indestructible.

Ghosts, a Latin school, and resistance groups.

The tour offers wild tales of monks, nuns, love, ghosts, and the period when the monastery housed a Latin school.

You’ll also hear the story of the Churchill Club, Denmark’s first resistance group during World War II, right in the middle of Aalborg – and later recreated in the novel “Drengene fra Skt. Petri” by Bjarne Reuter, which has also been adapted into a film. In the monastery, there also stands a newer exhibition about the Churchill Club.

Aalborg Monastery also has beautiful 15th-century frescoes of Samson waving his hair in the fight against evil and the devil dressed as a naked woman.

The price for a guided tour is 75 kr. Children under 12 are free.

You can buy tickets for the tour of Aalborg Monastery here.

Read more about Aalborg Monastery here.

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