Win cool prizes: Streetball Aalborg launches 3×3 tournament

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Streetball Aalborg
Photo: Streetball Aalborg

Basketball is increasing in popularity, and nowhere is this more visible than on Aalborg’s outdoor courts where you’re bound to spot groups of friends and families of all ages shooting and playing games.

If you enjoy playing and want to show off your skills in a series of 3×3 matches then this is your sign to gather a team and sign up for the Streetbasket 3×3 Tournament which takes place in Aalborg (by Hasseris high school) on May 29 from 10:00 to 16:00.

The tournament is hosted by the newly formed association Streetball Aalborg in cooperation with Aalborg Basketball Club and the Danish Basketball Association.

Both children (U11-U19) and adults are invited to play – and this of course includes both men and women.

Gather your team and win cool prizes

In order to compete in the tournament, you need to sign up your team, which should consist of four players (three players and one substitute) and a coach or parent.

It only costs 50 kr per person to compete and everyone who signs up gets one-year free membership of Streetball Aalborg.

As with any great tournament, there are of course prizes, and these include gear from BørneBasketFonden, Nordic Basketball, Sportsmate, PeterDress, and others.

The tournament starts at 10:00 and aside from lots of games, you can also look forward to fun competitions and activities. There’ll be music to set the mood as well as free cake and fruit.

The organizers have stated that the full program soon will be announced.

Photo: Streetball Aalborg

Largest urban team sport

Unlike regular basketball games like the ones you see in the NBA, 3×3 matches are played on just one basketball hoop with three players on each team.

This format has a faster pace and is very entertaining as evidenced by the fact that 3×3 has been crowned one of the largest urban team sports in the world.

Now it’s starting to make way in Denmark as well, and even if you’re not planning on competing in the tournament yourself, it is worth stopping by the courts on May 29 for a fun spectator experience.

Sign up and stay updated on the tournament here.

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