A cold refreshment: Ice cream store launches beer ice cream

by Ashton Christensen

Summer means relaxing and having some fun with cold beers – whether at a festival, on the waterfront or at the annual barbecue.

And now we have good news for those who enjoy the taste of beer and want to keep a clear conscience (almost), no matter the time of day or where you are.

Aalborg’s newest ice cream shop, Ny Lundgård Ismejeri, in Bredegade has very unusual ice cream on the menu, which we predict will be a huge hit this summer … at least if you like beer.

The new ice cream is made from the beer “Dark Horse” from Ørbæk Brewery and is, besides its beautiful ruby red color, also known for its dark and rich taste. Now it’s also available as the main ingredient in one of Ny Lundgård’s ice cream flavors.

You also won’t have to worry about driving home after consuming the beer ice cream.

Because the ice cream undergoes pasteurization before it reaches the counter, there’s no alcohol in it so you can enjoy all the scoops you desire.

The new ice cream is made from the beer “Dark Horse” from Ørbæk Brewery.
There are many other organic ice cream flavors available if the beer flavor isn’t to your liking.

Does it taste like beer?

MyAalborg visited the ice cream shop to taste the possibly new wonder ice cream(?), but since we have zero experience with “beer ice cream,” it was hard to figure out what to expect.

Our review is very straightforward: It tastes like beer. Short and sweet.

However, in a somewhat more creamy and firm version than we are used to, but otherwise, the taste was totally recognizable.

If you’re a big fan of beer or just like a cold brew once in a while, you’ve got to try it – and we bet you’ll love it. The ice cream and beer flavors truly go together nicely and are refreshing.

“We’ve had some beer enthusiasts who did not quite believe it would taste like real beer, but as soon as they tried it, they were pleasantly surprised,” Maj-Britt Kjær Sørensen, co-owner of the dairy, says.

The ice cream falls into the “gourmet” category and one can definitely taste that. There are no artificial additives, and fresh milk directly from the organic farm in Central Jutland, Ny Lundgård, is used.

It’s also no coincidence that the farm and the dairy share the same name. The organic milk is collected from the farm’s about 80 cows and delivered straight into the dairy.

It doesn’t get much closer to made from scratch than that.

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