A new bagel shop is opening: Get free bagels and crazy discounts

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

They’re known and loved in Aarhus for their delicious, homemade bagels, which are filled with fresh ingredients – and for the second year in a row, they have even been awarded the prize as the best takeaway restaurant.

On May 6, Byens Bagels is opening right in the middle of Aalborg’s popular food-street: Reberbansgade.

And of course they’re going to celebrate with free food and great offers.

Free bagels for the first customers

The first 100 customers will be able to enjoy a free bagel so there’s an excellent chance to taste the shop’s concept.

During the rest of the opening week, you’ll be able to try their bagels for just 25 kroner.

Byens Bagels focuses on fresh and homemade ingredients where everything from salad dressings to spreads are made from scratch while all the vegetables are cut during the morning. Even the bread is baked fresh every day.

Their bread recipe takes everything from the old baking traditions from America and combines it with the Scandinavian understanding of bread, which provides an airy dough and a crispy crust.

Build your own bagel

The demand for the famous bagels has been great and now it’s our time to enjoy them in Aalborg. More precisely we’ll be able to enjoy them at the location which previously housed Din PC-Partner.

“I would like to introduce people in Aalborg to the same quality experience,” Mick, the co-owner of Byens Bagel in Aalborg, says.

Do you not trust your own bagel intuition then you can choose their Signature Bagel where the fillings are predetermined, but if you’d rather go on your own bagel-journey without any compass, you’re able to build your own bagel.

Hvad: Byens Bagel opens
Hvor: Reberbansgade 13, 9000 Aalborg
Hvornår: May 6

Read more about the bagel shop here.

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