Aalborg Municipality announces: Retrieve your bicycle now

by Ashton Christensen
Photo: Aalborg Municipality
Photo: Aalborg Municipality

Aalborg Municipality writes:

“If you have a bicycle sitting somewhere in a bike rack around town, you have a choice to make.

Aalborg Bikecity is currently clearing up bike racks around the city centre and nearby stations, so now might be the time to give your old penny-farthing a visit.”

You have a week left to retrieve your bicycle

“In week 41, Aalborg Bikecity went around applying strips on bikes. In three weeks we will return and remove any bikes that are untouched with strips on them,” they say.

The idea is to free up space for bikes that are actually used, create a cleaner city and make it easier for everyone to get around. For anyone in doubt, it is now week 43, so time is running out with the three week deadline running out next week.

So, unless you want to make a donation in bicycle form, then now’s the time to get it. 

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