Exciting opportunity for students: Join a free guided tour of Aalborg’s street art

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Case Maclaim
Photo: Case Maclaim

Over the years, Aalborg has become quite the hub for beautiful and thought-provoking street art.

By its very definition, street art is artwork that is created in a public space and it often addresses issues and complexities of our contemporary society such as capitalism, the refugee crisis, war, and climate.

Each of the many murals in Aalborg similarly carries a meaning that has been brought to life by internationally renowned artists.

They have been making the trip to our city to share their vision and join in on an initiative that was started by the local art gallery Kirk Galleri under the name ‘Out in the Open’.

The goal of the project is to share art of the highest quality with the many, not just the few, and in that spirit, students of Aalborg have the opportunity to join a free guided tour of some of the most interesting murals on Thursday, October 7, 2021.

One of many unusual experiences

The guided tour is organized by Study Aalborg, which is an information hub facilitated by Aalborg Municipality that gathers information relevant for students.

Thus, the only requirement to join the free tour is that you’re a student in the municipality and that you sign up here.

During the tour, which starts at 15:30 and ends at 18:00, the guide will take you through the quirky streets of Aalborg and tell lots of tall tales about the individual murals and their creation.

The street art tour is part of Study Aalborg’s “Try Out” initiative. From September to December students can try out loads of different activities – from sports to culture and art – for free.

Read more about the street art tour here.

View the rest of the “Try Out” activities here.

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