Famous restaurant owners behind: New delicious smørrebrød restaurant opens in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen
Archive photo - Mikkel Jensen is behind several restaurants in Aalborg.
Archive photo - Mikkel Jensen is behind several restaurants in Aalborg.

There are many places in Aalborg where you can get good smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches)

But now we can look forward to a brand new place that will experiment with smørrebrød with a more modern twist.

Just as Copenhagen has Restaurant Møntergade and Odense has HOS, the new Restaurant Melma in Aalborg will be of the same idea.

There are several exciting things about the new restaurant in Aalborg.

Restaurant Melma opens on a familiar location; the same location where only two weeks ago, Brasserie No 76 filed bankruptcy.

Established chef with a great team 

Therefore, the new modern restaurant moves into the address Ved Stranden 7-9.

The ambitious new project will be led by professional chef Mikkel Jensen.

He is already a big part of Restaurant SMAEK just a stone’s throw away from the new restaurant.

Here he has helped SMAEK to great success, placing among the finalists in the category “Restaurant of the Year” at AALBORG AWARDS.

Joining Mikkel Jensen are several other co-owners from SMAEK.

These are Mads Hyllested, Kim Jeppesen and Anne Menendez who together have Applaus, Bistro Dejavu, Nam, Menendez, Roxana and now soon Melma.

So it’s definitely a team that knows their way around the field and with Mikkel Jensen as the leader.

Excited for new adventures

“When I heard Restaurant No 76 was closing, stuff happened really fast.

For some time I have been thinking about opening a counterpart to SMAEK, but corona’s uncertainty in recent years has kept my thoughts on hold.

Now the opportunity presented itself, and I asked my backers if they were up for a new adventure with me at the wheel.

Luckily, they were,” says Mikkel Jensen.

Evening open with simple menu

The restaurant’s concept will be a modern eatery with sophisticated smørrebrød for lunch including some sharp lunch dishes on the menu.

“We’ll also aim to be open in the evening a few days a week with a simple menu.

But with full focus and acuity on the dishes that we serve.

The style will be in the newish Nordic genre with the French craftsmanship that I’ve grown up with in my time at Ruth’s Hotel and Brøndums in Skagen,” Mikkel Jensen explains.

The restaurant will open sometime during the fall, but right now there’s a lot to do before it’s ready to open.

The goal is to open in October or early November, so they’re ready for the big Christmas parties of the year.

“Personally, I’m looking forward to showing off the restaurant, and I hope that my new place can bring joy to many food-loving people in Aalborg,” Mikkel Jensen adds.

He also says that he will not be leaving SMAEK but will have a shared role between the two places.

What: Restaurant Melma opens
Where: “Ved Stranden” 7-9, 9000 Aalborg
When: Fall 2022

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