How to make the most of a two-day visit in beautiful Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

This summer, most people spent their holiday at home, and the lackluster weather made road trips and city visits hip again.

So instead of flying off to Mallorca, enjoy Denmark and spend a couple of days in the beautiful city of Aalborg.

While many non-locals instantly think of the legendary street ‘Jomfru Ane Gade’, Aalborg has so much more to offer attraction-wise.

Take for instance the harborfront, which is one of the most beautiful in Denmark. Here towering buildings mingle with the striking architecture of Musikkens Hus and the Utzon Center.

This is just one of the reasons why Aalborg was ranked 8th on the list “52 Places To Go” by the New York Times in 2019.

Take in the waterfront

To gain a proper appreciation of the beauty in Aalborg, consider a long walk along the waterfront.

Start by Limfjordsbroen (the Limfjord-bridge) and let the path lead you to gaze upon the majestic Musikkens Hus and the Utzon Center. Both buildings are famous for their stunning architecture and are known as the pearls of Aalborg.

Continue to Østre Havn where you can experience a range of relaxing and fun water activities.

Lunch on Salling ROOFTOP

Head back to the city center (note it takes less than 10 minutes to walk to the center) and ride the elevator all the way up to Salling ROOFTOP.

Here you will find one of the most beautiful views of Aalborg.  The ROOFTOP café also offers delicious lunch, a variety of heavenly desserts, and a classy assortment of wines, rosé, and cocktails.

Go explore

Now there is time to walk around and explore Aalborgs cozy walkways. Two long pedestrian streets connect to Nytorv, a more centrally located street.

But around these streets are walkways housing hidden gems such as Hjelmerstald, also known as the “blogger” or “Instagram” street.

It is home to many quaint, colorful, and picturesque townhouses.  While walking, you can admire the craftsmanship and unique decorations that accessorize each home.

You can also take a walk along Roldgade and Klokkestøbergade and experience the authentic Aalborg along with original boutiques that you will not find anywhere else.

Experience the citys’ street art

Experience the grandness of Aalborgs’ outdoor gallery and immerse yourself in art as you wander around.

Aalborg is definitely a city that loves its street art as evidenced by more than 65 works on the city walls.  Each year, world-class artists visit Aalborg and create new street art for all to admire.

VisitAalborg offers a detailed route plan so you can take in the epic pieces.

Rest at a cozy wine bar

Don’t forget to reset and rest by taking a moment at the cozy winebar Ma Petite France (My Little France).

Here you can relax and absorb the charming atmosphere while you savor French wine and delicate snacks.

‘Omakase’ at Restaurant Fusion

Aalborg is also crazy about international cuisine and home to many gourmet restaurants – many of which deserve your attention.

A top gourmet experience garnished with a waterfront view can be found at Omakase (Japenese for ‘I’ll leave it up to you’) at Restaurant Fusion.

Prepare yourself for a mouthwatering adventure, especially if you enjoy fish, seafood, and sushi, as there are 20 dishes available at the Chefs Table, located just beside the bar.

Heavenly cakes at Penny Lane Café

It might be challenging to squeeze it all in during one day so you should prepare yourself to spend an extra day in Aalborg.

Why not start the day with breakfast or perhaps brunch at Penny Lane Café, located on Boulevarden in the city center.

Why? Penny Lane is especially known for serving Aalborg’s best cakes.

The assortment is quite decadent and lavish; thus, you may have a hard time deciding on what to eat. Just this past year, Penny Lane made their bid for the title of Denmark’s best rum-ball cake, so go give it a try!

A call to Vestre Fjordpark

Nature is calling in the western part of Aalborg.

The beautiful, green area is home to Vestre Fjordpark; an area that houses a large outdoor swimming area where you can cool down on warm days and take in the sun.

There are many areas for activities, and you can easily venture right into Aalborg’s marina.

Eat at Aalborg Street Food – The Kitchen Factory

Aalborg also caters to a growing Street Food market where you can chill in a giant hall overlooking Lystbådehavnen (the marina).

You can choose dishes from all over the world and enjoy them sitting inside or outside.

For example, you may want to try Danish’ fried pork (the famous ‘stegt flæsk’), sushi, Indian cuisine, pizza, or desserts.

Refresh with a beer at Aalborg Brewery

In the heart of Aalborg, there is a large open square known as C.W. Obels Plads that features many restaurants.

One of them is Søgaard Bryghus where you can refresh yourself with a locally brewed and award-winning beer. The large restaurant also offers good food to compliment your beer.

Visiting during the winter? Then enjoy watching – or joining – skaters at the outdoor rink nestled right in the open square.

Listen to the Singing Trees in Kildeparken

Take a stroll in the local park, Kildeparken, and listen to singing trees.

This park is where the famous Aalborg Carnival, teeming with over 70.000 participants, each year makes a grand finale.

In recognition of famous musicians who held concerts at Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, a soundbox nested near the roots of each tree holds one of their greatest hits.

Just hit play and listen to big stars such as Mariah Carey, Maroon 5, and Beyonce.

You can always find useful tips and ideas for your visit right here at Visit Aalborg.

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