Reopening today: What you need to know about the reopening of restaurants and bars

by Shellie Boudreau

As of Wednesday, it is possible to dine both indoors and outdoors at restaurants, cafés, pubs, and bars.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has clarified that guests are required to book a reservation 30 minutes before they intend to arrive and that they have to show a valid corona-passport.

The following is from a press release.

Must book 30 minutes before arrival

There are no demands placed on the area for outdoor dining, and a corona-passport is thus not required. In contrast, indoor dining requires a corona-passport and, for the time being, a table reservation placed in advance.

Specifically, guests at indoor restaurants must make a reservation at least 30 minutes in advance.

Additionally, the area requirements for indoor serving demands 2 sqm for seated dining and 4 sqm for non-seated or standing dining.

These are exactly the same area requirements placed on restaurants before the closing in December 2020.

“I am delighted that we can continue opening Denmark up.

There is a need for those who miss eating out and enjoying a well-prepared meal or drinking a fresh draft beer at a bar or pub.  We can thank each other for this opportunity.

All of us here in Denmark made an impressive effort. That now enables us to open up our business communities earlier than we expected,” the Minister of Trade and Industry, Simon Kollerup, says.

Life in the pedestrians’ streets

He continues;

“The food service industry and restaurants alike must open up and welcome customers inside and outside during the sunny weather.  An opening is crucial for them.

Also, by doing so, we create more life in the pedestrian zones, send people back to work, and turn the wheels of the Danish economy,” Simon Kollerup explains.

Restaurants, cafes, etc., will be allowed to open until 23:00 – however, the last serving is at 22:00.

You can get a quick overview of which restaurants and cafés will reopen here.


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