New and better test capacity in North Jutland: New permanent test site in the center of Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: The North Denmark Region
Photo: The North Denmark Region

The North Denmark Region has opened up for even more days to get tested in the whole region – and from this week, the testing facilities will be moved from Håndværkervej in Aalborg to Aalborg Congress & Culture Center (AKKC).

The region stated this in a press release.

Big need for testing

This week, you’ll be able to get tested even more days of the week at many of the region’s 20 test sites.

“We are not done looking at our options for testing and ensuring that everyone in the region easily and quickly can find a test site nearby.

Right now, we are quickly upscaling our test efforts in the whole region by adding extra days for testing.

Our total capacity will also be increased and considering that soon you have to be tested twice a week, we are of course upscaling as of today,” Ulla Astman (S), chairman of the regional council, says.

The addition of extra days for testing will be introduced in Mors, Brønderslev, Dronninglund, Skørping, Brovst, Aars, Sæby, Skagen, and Hadsund.

Aalborg East will continue to be open seven days a week. The extra testing days will minimum run for four weeks starting now.

Håndværkervej will be used for vaccinations

Aside from extra days for testing, changes will also be invoked in Aalborg. Here the test site on Håndværkervej will be moved to Aalborg Congress & Culture Center (AKKC) because Håndværkervej is being readied for mass vaccinations (when additional vaccinations arrive in Denmark).

It’s been a wish for many locals to be able to get tested at AKKC again.

“We have to look at the combination of options for people in the region and assure that we can offer them the best possibilities to get through this epidemic in a good way.

The conditions change a lot and now that we can look forward to the vaccinations speeding up, it is also important that we have the right locations with the right health professionals and good conditions for citizens in the region,” Ulla Astman says.

You’re able to get both the PCR test and quick tests at several sites in the region. You don’t need to book an appointment for the quick tests. If you want the PCR test, you have to book a time via

Get a full overview of the test sites – and opening hours – in the whole region here.

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