New concept at Søgaards: All you can eat meat, fries, and béarnaise for 145 kr

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Last week, the city’s restaurants and cafés were finally allowed to reopen, and many of us have evidently already been out for a drink or a feed.

At Søgaards Bryghus, they’ve been counting down to the reopening ever since they were shut down. That’s because they already had a heap of new initiatives and concepts planned that instead had to be put on the back burner until the world went back to normal again.

One of these is the Sunday Roast that since last Sunday has become a reality in the brewery’s voluminous rooms. And apropos voluminous that’s also exactly what the new concept on the menu is.

“Sunday Roast will be our little gift to those that desire to finish the week in style,” Lasse Baun, director at Søgaards Bryghus, says.

All you can eat deliciousness

Sunday Roast, in all its simplicity, offers you the chance to take your family, friends – perhaps even a hungry date? – along to a restaurant and order all the slow-cooked beef, homemade bearnaise, proper garnish, and crispy fries you can eat for the neat sum of 145 kr.

The offer applies from 5 pm every Sunday and you can sit and swim in bearnaise for as long as you like.

The food is served on beautiful dishes that can easily be shared around the table – and after that, it’s just about ordering away until your tummy is nice and full…

And on that note, Sunday Roast can of course be washed down by precisely whichever beer is your favorite – and at a brewery, there are naturally many to choose from.

If you’re completely insatiable when it comes to meat and fries then you can also add on the dessert of the day for just 50 kr.

This selection changes weekly but can be anything from homemade beer brownies to fresh lemon tart with lemon sorbet and crumble.

If you need some fresh air before, during, or after your feast, then Sunday Roast can of course also be enjoyed on Søgaards gorgeous terrace.

Heaps of news on the way

According to Lass Baun, Sunday Roast is just one of many new concepts that the brewery plans to present to the people of Aalborg in the coming weeks.

For a start, they’re extending their opening hours so that you can, in the future, come for a drink… well, any day of the week.

“We have been so tired of being shut down that, in the future, we want to open on Sunday too.

We think we have a good framework to offer our guests, and the place is also an obvious choice if you want to watch a Superliga match or the Premier League on a proper big screen in good company with a tasty beer or two,” Lasse Baun says.

“All in all, we are just really looking forward to getting going again and continuing to develop the brewery together with our guests.

We have also already ordered a warm and sunny summer – and there is just no better place to be than here,” he concludes.

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