New measures to save energy: The opening of the ice rink will be affected

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The whole country is being affected by the current energy crisis, and Aalborg is no exception.

Yesterday, the Health and Culture Committee in the municipality had a meeting where they discussed whether money can be saved on energy-heavy facilities and activities within the areas of leisure and culture.

They agreed on two cost saving measures that concern public pools and the popular ice rink downtown.

First and foremost, they’ve decided to cut the opening period of the ice rink on C.W. Obels Plads so it opens on December 1st and after the school’s winter holidays end in week 8, 2023.

The plan was initially to open the ice rink on November 26th, 2022, and close it on March 1st, 2023, which means that the opening period is shortened by approximately two weeks.

The water temperature is lowered in public pools

The saving efforts do not just affect the ice rink.

The committee has also decided that the water temperature in the municipality’s public pools will be lowered by one degree (so far). The only exceptions are Vadum Svømmehal and other warm water pools.

Saunas can also be closed if Energinet ( the Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas) gives notice that there’s a risk of a power shortage.

The only exceptions are Haraldslund and Gigantium because they’re utilized for activities targeted at special groups.

As a further step to save energy, Energinet’s campaign materials will also be sent to work places, autonomous culture and leisure organzations, associations, assembly halls etc.

They’re encouraged to:

  • lower their temperatures to 19 degrees Celsius
  • turn off lights outdoors unless there’s practical or safety-related reasons not to do so
  • to shorten the period of time they turn on the heating. In other words, wait until the temperature reaches below 19 degrees Celsius before turning the heating on

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