Plenty of news: Aalborg Streetfood reveals opening date

by Ashton Christensen

Do you miss the warm sun by the water? Food from around the world? Cool events?

If so, you’re in for a treat! 

Aalborg Streetfood revealed its opening date would be April 1st, 2022, at 11:30.

Here, you can visit one of the city’s most delicious and rustic premises. The food stalls serve dishes from around the world. And who knows? There might be more exciting news in due time.

The brains behind Aalborg Streetfood renewed the premise for Aalborg Streetfood during closure when it was quieter.

“We haven’t stopped working on Aalborg Streetfood, and we’ve expanded with new facilities, new kitchens and an upgrade of our event area. We are very excited to show it off to you,” says Toni Jørgensen, director at Aalborg Streetfood.

The new kitchens include a wok concept with delicious Asian dishes, such as pad thai, homemade chilli lamb noodles, and spring rolls. You can also experience a renewed Mexican concept with all the fresh and spicy food you can imagine.

You can also look forward to Pastotto, which offers the most delicious Italian pasta dishes. Aalborg Streetfood has a kitchen that is still available, at least when we did the interview. So if you’ve got an entrepreneur in you, now’s the time! Send your application to

Plenty events await

There are numerous events ahead – already on April 7th, Thomas Rode, the famous chef, drops by and talks about everything from food, training, nutrition and travel in the lecture “Chef Recommends.”

Also, the famous movie nights return at Aalborg Streetfood – so is there anything more to say other than the fact that we look forward to spring and summer at the west city’s harbourfront?

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