The best ice cream in Denmark is from North Jutland: Get it here in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

The peak season for ice cream seems to be over for this year – but that certainly doesn’t mean that ice cream dairies are going into hibernation.

Precisely the opposite, Ryå ice cream, made at Aabybro Dairy, has put on its party clothes: their ice cream has won so many prizes this year at the International Food Contest that you can’t help but be proud to live in North Jutland.

It was in the “consumer milk products” category that Ryå Is won no less than three medals:

A bronze medal for their strawberry ice cream, a silver medal for their nougat ice cream and last but not least, a shiny gold medal (with honour!) for the amazing Choko/Orange.

In addition, Aabybro Mejeri was awarded for their Soft Ice Mix and Fromage, which received gold for Soft Ice Mix Cocoa, silver for Soft Ice Mix Liquorice and bronze for lemon and caramel Fromage.

Taste it right here in Aalborg

At Isværftet in Aalborg, located at Stjernepladsen in Østre Havn, there are proud dealers of Ryå Isen.

“We like to eat Ryå ice cream ourselves, so of course it had to be the brand we put on the ice cream counter,” they told us at their opening earlier this year.

Although the summer months are over, the ice cream shop is still busy at their new location. That’s why MigogAalborg stopped by, so we could taste the gold award winner, Choko/Orange.

As outside temperatures are declining, the ice cream shop has instead turned up the heat on the waffle iron. And that’s something that truly warms our hearts as well.

New waffle on the ice cream-map

Lene Koldkjær Decker is the name of Isværfærftets (really sweet!) ice cream queen, who explained during our autumn visit that the waffle recipe is both secret and ancient.

And naturally, we ordered the waffle with the gold-winning Choko/Orange, which is also available for ice cream boxes that you can bring home to your sofa.

Besides the waffle, we also treated ourselves to some homemade apple pie a la Lene.

“I peel the apples myself out back, so it’s very much homemade,” she said with a laugh.

On top, they replaced the classic whipped cream was replaced with softice a la Ryå, which (for us) made the tasting experience even better.

All year round

Isværftet opened back in July, and already then, Lene & Co. announced that Isværftet would be a place where ice cream-loving Alborgians could come all year round.

The shop is already decorated with seasonal specialties in all shapes and sizes, and you can mix and buy your own chocolate Christmas calendar with quality chocolate from Cocoture or chocolate-covered “brunkager” (a thin brown biscuit) from Anker Chokolade.

As Christmas approaches, the shop aims to decorate with an appeal to the arts, and there are more festive concepts on awaiting.

Isværftet is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 18.00. The shop is located at stjernepladsen in Østre Havn.

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