The great Fall Break guide: Here’s all there is to do in Aalborg

by Megan McPhee Christensen

This week, fall break has rolled into North Jutland and, for most people, that means a whole week off.

What can you spend a WHOLE week on when you choose to stay in Denmark with the ever dubious weather forecast?

Well, you need not worry, because MyAalborg is ready to save you with a little guide to all the fun activities – indoors and out – in Aalborg this fall break.

The great treasure hunt in Aalborg city center

In collaboration with Aalborg City, MyAalborg has created Aalborg’s biggest treasure hunt.

‘Den Store Skattejagt’ will take place three times throughout the fall break, so there are plenty of opportunities to join for a few fun hours alone or in the company of family and friends.

Join in:

Tuesday 18th of October, Wednesday 19th of October or Friday 21st of October from 10:00-14:00.

It’s not just for families, as there are heaps of cool prizes with games and offers, that can be used by adults too.

One adult ticket (over 16 years) costs just 25 kroner and a family ticket is only 50 kroner.

Buy your tickets right here

What: The great treasure hunt
Where: Aalborg City
When: 18th, 19th and 21st of October

Huge Halloween party in Aalborg Zoo

It’ll be both cozy and a little bit spooky when Aalborg Zoo invites you to North Jutland’s biggest Halloween party from the 15th of October.

The whole family will get in the Halloween mood with a good fright and some pumpkin fun. From all of the parks dark nooks and crannies, creepy crawly creatures of the night are waiting to bring out the goosebumps.

If you’re crazy about Jul i Zoo (Christmas in the zoo), then you can definitely look forward to a properly decorated Zoo in full Halloween theme with plenty happening all week.

Read more here

What: Halloween and fall break in the Zoo
Where: Aalborg Zoo
When: 15th-23rd October

Build houses like an animal in the Utzon Center

The Utzon Center has made a fun and educational program for the fall break, that you can find right here.

Guaranteed to be one of the highlights is the free workshop “Build like an animal”, that the Utzon Center has put on in collaboration with Aalborg Kulturskole.

Animals build crazy and fantastic homes.

You begin the workshop by coming to a lecture by Emil Sanderhoff. He will set the scene and give a lively presentation about animals buildings that you can use as inspiration during the workshop.

(OBS: When you book a spot for the workshop, the lecture by Emil is free)

There are very limited seats available for the workshop, so it’s first in first served. You can book your spot right here.

What: Fall break in the Utzon Center
When: Monday 17th October at 10:00, Tuesday 18th October at 10:00, and Thursday 20th October at 10:00.

Fun Center takes over Friis Shoppingcenter

Throughout the entire fall break, you can experience Fun Centers super fun activities in Friis Shoppingcenter.

So if you have wanted to try football darts, sumo wrestling, animal races or an escape room, then you have to drop by Friis in the fall break. They will be there all days from 12-16.

Espresso House in Friis also offers board games, and on the 20th of October they will have Musical Bingo.

Read more here

What: Fall break fun
Where: Friis Shoppingcenter
When: 17th-23rd October from 12-16

Color laboratory, treasure hunt and family fun at Kunsten

Kunsten invites the whole family into the artists, Tal R and Mamma Andersson’s, colorful universe.

In their color laboratory, you can really explore the world of color and create a lot of cool stuff. It’s fantastically entertaining for the whole family.

A fun treasure hunt then takes you around the rest of the museum.

Discover exciting works of art with an art briefcase, and create your own rubber band paintings and works of art with magnetic figures.

If you need to rest your colorful and inspired brain, you can find peace in nature’s patterns in the Common Room and enjoy some delicious treats in the Brasserie.

Read all about it here

What: Fall break at Kunsten
When: 15th-23rd October

Heaps of fun and games in Maximum

With its 12,300 square meters, Maximum Aalborg is filled with all kinds of activities such as a trampoline park, bowling, playground, Escape Rooms, VR, Laser Hero and MUCH, much more.

That is why it is a favourite destination for both families with children, grandparents and friends in week 42.

The fall break one of the absolute highlights of the year at Maximum where the whole family can have fun in a safe and entertaining setting.

Read more here

What: Fall break in Maximum
Where: Maximum, Fiskene 10 (City Syd)

Under the sea and kids treasure hunt in Shoppen

The theme for the fall break at Shoppen is Under the sea.

Experience exciting and educational exhibitions with the lumpfish (MOLA MOLA in Latin) from the North Sea Oceanarium and aquariums from Styr på Dyr.

You can see what Nemo and Dory look like in reality and try several activities such as a pearl workshop or the sensory aquariums.

The whole family can also try a fun Children’s Treasure Hunt where you can redeem prizes in Shoppen’s stores, restaurants and at the cinema.

In addition, there are many other exciting activities every day during the fall break.

Read more here

What: Lots of fun in Shoppen
When: 14th-23rd October

The Emperor’s New Clothes at Aalborg Theatre

In the fall break, you can yet again experience H. C. Andersen’s well known fairytale, the Emperor’s New Clothes in a crazy and colorful theatrical performance.

The cozy children’s show brings laughter, fun and surprise to children and adults alike, gives food for thought and is a good conversation starter for the family.

The performance had great success in the spring of 2022 where MigogAalborg gave the imaginative set-up 5 out of 6 stars.

Buy tickets and find more info here

What: Emperor’s New Clothes
Where: Aalborg Theatre
When: 15th-22nd October

Otto is a Rhinoceros ii AKKC

MCH Musical brings Otto the rhinoceros to life when they perform Ole Lund Kirkegaard’s classic in a new musical version at AKKC during the school fall break.

‘Otto er et næsehorn’ (Otto is a rhinoceros) is a show for the whole family. 

Now it has been staged in a completely new musical version where the current songs are supplemented by new music, written by MCH’s project manager and bandmaster Rasmus Steenberg.

Buy your tickets here

What: Otto is a rhinoceros
Where: Aalborg Congress and Culture Center (AKKC)
When: 22nd & 23rd October 2022

Take a trip on a veteran train

On Wednesday the 19th of October and Sunday the 23rd of October, the railway over the Limfjord will be filled with old carriages.

Wednesday the 19th of October at 11.00 Limfjordsbanen’s veteran steam train is ready to depart from Aalborg station towards Østhavnen, as it has done for the past 50 years.

The train staff are dressed in railway uniforms to match the era the train is from. The old train is ready and the journey back in time can begin.

More info here

What: Veteran steam train departs from Aalborg
Where: The trip is to Østhavnen and Skørping from the train station
When: 19th & 23rd October

Fall festival and light show in Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland once again invites the whole family to fall fun in the forest.

After a really nice reception last year, Fårup Sommerland has chosen to stick with the expansion of the Fall Festival event with light show, which again this year will be one of the country’s absolute biggest sound and lighting events!

In addition to the big autumn event Høstfest (Harvest festival), which every year attracts visitors from all over the country, Fårup Sommerland invites you again to Denmark’s biggest light and sound festival, aptly named: Lysfald.

More info here

What: Fall festival and light show
Where: Fårup Sommerland
When: 15th-23rd October

Lots of fun at Nordsøen Ocenarium

Inside you will find a whole 10,000 square meters with 75 large and small aquariums and more than 7,000 fish and other sea animals, while the children can frolic in the huge outdoor area of ​​6,000 square meters where there are lots of things to play with and on.

The biggest attraction is, of course, the cute and breathtaking pufferfish that you can experience in the large Oceanarium, but the fall break is also packed with activities for all ages.

During fall break, in addition to “birds, fish or somewhere in between” and Birds in motion, it will be possible to join a bird safari to Hirtshals Harbour and Hirtshals Lighthouse where you will look out for birds and other exciting things.

Read more here

What: Activities in Nordsøen Ocenarium
When: Fall break

Treasure hunt and marshmallows at Springeren

The fall break offers pure family fun at Springeren – Maritime Experience Center.

They offer a fall theme, where they tempt us with both a treasure hunt around the beautiful exhibition and an outdoor orienteering hunt.

The place is packed with exciting and beautiful exhibits that you want to touch, and if you go outside onto the large grassy outdoor area there are even more entertainment options.

Here, it is all setup for you to make marshmallows over a fire where the whole family can gather. The large submarine is, of course, always worth a visit on its own too.

Mere info her

What: Fall break activities
Where: Springeren, Vestre Fjordvej 81
When: 15th-23rd October

Buller Ticket and exciting activities in Aalborg Storcenter

Aalborg Storcenter has collaborated with the North Sea Oceanarium and Aalborg Zoo this year to provide fun, exciting and educational experiences for children during the fall break.

A Buller Ticket costs 50 kroner but has a value of more than 300 kroner (as it includes a children’s entrance ticket to the North Sea Oceanarium) and can be purchased at the Center Information.

Aalborg Zoo is at the central square during the weekend of week 41 and 42 where the children can get up close to nocturnal animals, reptiles and creepy-crawly animals that can give most people goosebumps.

The North Sea Oceanarium is then ready most days in weeks 41 and 42 from 11-15 and offers a drawing competition, guess a fish games, wheel of fortune and competitions with cool prizes.

More info here

What: Exciting activities
Where: Aalborg Storcenter
When: Fall break

Fun playland at DGI Huset Nordkraft

If the kids need to burn off some energy then stop by DGI Huset in Nordkraft, which is converting the DGI hall into a large playland filled with jumping activities, motor skills and climbing walls for the whole family.

Entrance tickets can be purchased online via their booking system. You also have the option to buy a clip card and pay with that.

The playland is open from Monday to Sunday from 12:00-15:00 in week 42.

More info here

What: Fun playland
Where: DGI Huset in Nordkraft
When: Fall break

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