Traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches: A new takeaway in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

About one year ago, Aktuel opened on Buldofi Plads.

Since then, they have launched one innovative concept after another, and the people of Aalborg have really welcomed these novelties.

Now they are once again ready to present something new.

This time the innovation rests upon the heart of Danish tradition: “Smørrebrød” (directly translated as butter and bread). Yet this is no ordinary butter and bread combo but rather a beautifully garnished, aesthetically pleasing open-faced sandwich on dark rye bread.

“When our lower floor opened up, we considered how to make the best use of the space so it would relate to our customers. So we decided to go with smørrebrød,” Lars Helmuth, owner of Aktuel, explains.

Beautiful smørrebrød made from the bottom up 

The floor beneath Aktuel was once occupied by the sourdough baker but will now serve as a space dedicated to the traditional Danish sandwich, smørrebrød.

The name is simply Aktuel Smørrebrød , and they are already up-and-running.

Locals can now drop in and order exactly what will satisfy their craving.

Naturally, everything is fresh and homemade, including the tartar, crispy fried onions, and the creamy chicken salad.

“The location is perfect for take-out, and we’ve received a lot of requests for smørrebrød,” Lars says.

As a starting point, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of 10 different kinds of smørrebrød with four being vegetarian.  The bread is specially baked by Penny Lane, and the head chef, Peter Thomsen, assembled the appetizing and aesthetically pleasing combinations.

Several temptations on the way

Aktuel Smørrebrød is open from Tuesday to Saturday, and everything’s been taken into account for the new take-out concept.

First of all, it will be possible to order everything online. For example, if you are a larger group or organization, you can also preorder so the food is ready at the desired pick-up time.  

“We will start by offering 10 selections but the plan is to eventually introduce new varieties. Just as an example, we may offer exclusive homemade frikadeller (classic Danish pork meatballs) or flæskesteg (classic roast pork with a crispy crust),” Lars explains.

You can buy 1 piece for 40 kr or 3 pieces for 100 kr.

MigogAalborg has personally enjoyed all 10 selections, and we guarantee there’s something for every taste. We predict that these sandwichs will be a safe lunch choice and a city-wide hit.

Even though the concept is ideal for take-out, you can relax and enjoy your sandwiches on-site as well, and if you’d like, outside on a covered terrace.

Take a moment and learn about the selection here:


New potatoes, chives mayo, homemade fried onion, red onion, and bacon crumble

Potato – veggie

New potatoes, chives mayo, homemade fried onion, red onion, and radish crumble


Stir-fried tartar beef tenderloin, tarragon mayo, pickled red onion, Jeruselum artichoke chips, and capers 


Hand-peeled shrimp, lemon mayo, assorted tomatoes, dill, and freshly ground pepper 


Organic eggs, crispy chips, radish crudité, green mayo, garden cress, and chives

Fish Filet

Freshly breaded fish filet, hand-peeled shrimp, homemade pickle relish, and dill


Ripe avocado, bacon mayo, salted red onion, garden cress, and bacon crumble

Avocado – veggie

Ripe avocado, smoked cheese, salted red onion, mild chilli, and garden cress 

Chicken Salad

Homemade chicken salad, crispy serrano, assorted colored tomato, and garden cress


Lightly baked tomatoes, green mayo, garden cress, salted red onion, and homemade fried onions

What: Aktuel Smørrebrød
Where: Budolfi Plads
When: Tuesday – Friday from 10.30 – 17.30, Saturday 10.30-13.30

You can see the menu and order here.

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