Travel app for women: Aalborg-based company receives huge grant from NOVI

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Founder Beáta Dobsa and her business partner Nana Kathrine Jakobsen
Founder Beáta Dobsa and her business partner Nana Kathrine Jakobsen

If you’re a woman who’s thought about traveling alone, you might have done like Beata Dobsa and tried various travel buddy apps.

During her internship in Kuala Lumpur, Beata – who was a student at Aalborg University at the time – was looking for companions for her upcoming trips to Singapore and Bali but instead of getting in contact with like-minded people, she received numerous flirty messages from men who seemed to confuse the app with dating apps.  

Frustrated by the experience, she ended up traveling alone and met many women who shared her experiences.

This birthed the idea of Travelli; an app that enables women to connect, chat, and travel together.

Safe travel for women

“The aim of the app is to unite female travelers,” Beata Dobsa explains to MyAalborg.

The young entrepreneur launched Travelli in 2019 and just one year later, the company has received the 2020 NOVI Newtech Grant.

The grant includes 250.000 kr, office space in GrowAAL EAST, and consultancy with professionals from NOVI.

We’re beyond grateful for the grant and the opportunity to further develop our app and get closer to achieving our goal of creating a world where all women can travel safely and freely,” she adds.

While the app is currently available on App Store and Google Play Store, Beata Dobso and her business partner Nana Kathrine Jakobsen will use the grant to rebrand the app as Tripful and remake the website.

“The grant will help us tremendously.

We’ll create a much better and easier to use app, remake our website, and invest in marketing so that we can reach lots of women.

It’s going to be great,” Beata Dobso states excitedly.

Read more about Travelli – soon to be Tripful – here.

Beáta Dobsa in Kuala Lumpur

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