Very much needed: Hot days and lots of sun on its way to Nordjylland

by Ashton Christensen

Last year, pentecost was warm and sunny, and people were soaking up the sun. But this year there’s been nothing but complete rain, storms, clouds, and then some extra rain.

All through May, it’s been sad, rainy, and cold with only a couple of warm days. 

But now there’s great news for the sun-deprived.

DMI and TV2’s weather channel both report high pressure starting this weekend. 

DMI is primarily the optimist reporting 21 degrees and plenty of sun.

Graphic from DMI

Looking good for Monday

Both weather services agree that starting Monday, May 31, and stretching to most of next week, temperatures will rise to about 21-22 degrees in North Jutland.

If we’re lucky, we’ll reach about 25 degrees and therefore, a summer day to start off June.

Let’s just quickly agree that it’s very needed after so many cold and rainy days.

If you take a look at DMI’s long-term forecast, you might reconsider going south somewhere in the “yellow travel zone”.

The forecast says the weather will fluctuate, and it’ll be a semi-cool summer with a couple of stable periods with warm weather.

But let’s settle with the small victories as a start and hope the warm weather will continue to last for North Jutland.

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