Wow!: Bjarke Ingels’ FOAM glows in the dark

by Shellie Boudreau

Confused faces flooded the harbour front as Bjarke Ingels’ art installation SKUM (marshmallow or foam in English) started puffing up.

If you had to describe it, Aalborg was being invaded by genetically modified mega-popcorn puffball – or maybe filming the sequel to Big Hero 6?

No matter, because as darkness settles, we cannot help but notice how SKUM makes us feel.

In contrast to the night sky and dark surroundings, the art installation completely alters the space and brings forth a glorious shine to our beautiful harborfront – a sight with all the colors of the rainbow.

Do not miss this beautiful summer moment and seize the chance to soak in the rays of an evening rainbow as you stroll along the Aalborg or Nørresundy side of the harbor.

The giant SKUM installation will move around Aalborg through the summer: First at Utzon Center then in Kunstens Skulpturpark and finally at Gammeltorv.

More SKUM in Aalborg?

Drawing upon the inspiration of SKUM, there will be workshops with soap bubbles filled with helium on June 26.

The workshop will be divided – one as a laboratory and the other as a sculpture room.

The SKUM-laboratory is the place to create, play, and experiment with SKUM (foam) using several tools and instruments.  Here you can see and learn all about foam.

The SKUM-sculpture room is where you can create a sculpture with help from a foam machine.  Upon completing your foam hat, cat, or heart-shaped creation, your sculpture will be set free into the summer sky.

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